Wednesday, May 29

First day of school OUTFIT IDEAS

These are just some outfit ideas I put together for the first day of school. If your school doesn't require uniforms or you're already in college, dressing up for the first day of school could be really fun. Here are some key points you have to remember in dressing up for the first day:

a. Don't wear clothes you're not comfortable in.

b. Don't care about what other people are wearing, start your own trend.

c. Be yourself, wear your style! 

In our college, we have to wear a uniform so I think you would feel my frustration when I was putting up those outfit ideas. Those outfit ideas are for those who likes casual comfort clothing, for the edgy girls, and for those who are classy and loves attention. My personal favorite is the first one, I would definitely wear that to my first day, if only we don't require a uniform. 

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